Mira Furlan - curriculum vitae

Mira Furlan

CIRKUS COLUMBIA – starring, dir. D. Tanovic DON’T FORGET ME ISTANBUL- staring, dir. By S. Arsenijevic
THE TOUR – starring, dir. G Markovic DEAR VIDEO - starring
WHEN FATHER WAS AWAY ON BUSINESS - starring, dir. E. Kusturica SOUTHBOUND - starring, prod. Argentina
(Palme d’Or - Cannes Festival, Oscar nomination for best foreign film) THE CONDEMNED - starring
THREE FOR HAPPINESS - starring (Grand Prix, Valencia Film Festival) THE BEAUTY OF SIN - starring
HEAD OR TAILS – starring BUNKER PALACE HOTEL - prod. France
A FILM WITH NO NAME – starring,dir. by S. Karanovic DEAF GUNPOWDER – starring
THE LOVES OF BLANKA KOLAK – starring IN THE JAWS OF LIFE - starring, dir. by Rajko Grlic
CYCLOPS - starring  

LOST Danielle Rousseau, recurring (2003 -2007) ABC
BABYLON 5 series regular (1993-1998) Warner Bros.
LAW AND ORDER - LOS ANGELES guest appearance NBC
NCIS guest appearance NBC
SHEENA guest appearance Sony
MY ANTONIA “Mrs. Shimerda” USA Cable TV, dir. J. Sargent
TALES FROM SARAJEVO series regular TV Sarajevo
A BETTER LIFE series regular TV Belgrade
THE PROUD CITY series regular TV Zagreb
THE LITTLE BIG TOWN series regular TV Zagreb
STALKAMMER ZURICH guest appearance Bavaria Film

MEDEA – Medea Ulysses Theater, Brioni, Croatia
CRANES -Tanya The New Group, New York
ANTIGONE - Antigone The Hudson Guild Theatre, L.A.
DON JUAN IN HELL - Dona Ana The Second Drama Quartet, L.A.
YERMA - Yerma Indiana Repertory Theatre, Indianapoli
BAAL - Sophie Second Stage, L..A.
HELEN (Euripides) - Helen Split Summer Festival
THE DEVIL’S DISCIPLE - Judith Croatian National Theater (CNT), Zagreb
THREE SISTERS - Natasha Zvezdara Theater, Belgrade
‘TIS PITY SHE’S A WHORE - Annabella Croatian National Theater (CNT), Zagreb
HAMLET - Ophelia Dubrovnik Summer Festival
SCAPIN - Zerbinette Croatian National Theater (CNT), Zagreb
THE MISANTHROPE - Celimene Croatian National Theater (CNT), Zagreb
MOTHER COURAGE - Yvette Croatian National Theater (CNT), Zagreb
ALPHA – BETA - Mrs. Eliott ITD Teatar, Zagreb
DYBBUK - Lea Yugoslav Drama Theater (YDT), Belgrade
A MONTH IN THE COUNTRY - Natalya Petrovna Croatian National Theater (CNT), Zagreb
L’ILLUSION COMIQUE (Corneille) - Isabelle Yugoslav Drama Theater (YDT), Belgrade

Member, Actors’ Studio
Languages: English, German, French, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish, Italian
Graduate of the Academy for Theater, Film and Television - Zagreb

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