Translated from Mira’s Serbian edition

Mira Furlan’s autobiography reads like a novel. Love me more than anything in the world is a book that evokes not only Mira Furlan but the whole world with a lot of sentiment and feelings, and always uncompromisingly, with many tears and laughter. In her autobiography, the famous actress leaves nothing out and spares no one, least of all herself.
More than life
The life of the greatest film and theater diva of [the Croatian area], Mira Furlan, was more than life, full of excitement, great successes, failures, love and betrayal. In an autobiographical book completed before her untimely death, Mira Furlan narrates, literary powerfully, her life and the lives of her loved ones – from the fate of mother Branka and father Ivan and grandmother Ljubo to husband Goran and son Marko, to whom the book is dedicated.
From Gloria, an online Croatian magazine.
I didn’t want the book to ever end. ♥ I cried for all the feelings that are too many, which are so painfully experienced, without lying, without hiding, for a world that no longer exists, for all the cruelty, envy and superficiality. It is a wonderful book, equipment, graphics and that beautiful photo that speaks from the cover As Mira would say, “in a world without books it would not be worth living” This is the book I feel. This is a book I understand. This is a book I love more than anything in the world.
From Goodreads ♥♥♥♥♥
This fascinating work is exceptional in many ways, it reads like the most exciting novel… Mira, thank you for this book. Thank you for the beautiful, deep, amazing sentences and thoughts, to which I will surely return. I sincerely hope that you have found peace and your place, somewhere up there, somewhere among the magnificent stars, of which you were absolutely one…
Portal Journal, Ilina Cenov
…Mira Furlan has written a great book for all of us and about all of us; it is a book about how we must not take this world for granted, and that in spite of everything, even when we are already tired of constant failures and great disappointments, we must fight for our piece of freedom and love. It is precisely this thirst for freedom and the longing for love, that makes us authentically human and that predetermined the destiny of the great and unforgettable Mira Furlan.
Novi List, Jaroslav Pecnik
… The book is a testimony of a full-blooded, disobedient woman, a disruptive element, who despite the circumstances refuses to be a victim, one who has escaped control and not to be humiliated, does not agree to anything less than her truth, you can neither silence nor undercut her…
Novosti, Olja Savicevic- Ivancevic
…this intimate text can be read as a pamphlet of love, but also as a warning of humanity only being concerned with itself…
Gloria Glam, Srdjan Sandic
The best autobiography that I ever read Alisa Maric
The book is a testimony to the incurable feeling of not belonging, written by a woman and an artist who was both adored and hated everywhere, at the same time. The book is a highly contemporary biography of an astute observer who realizes that this sense of not belonging – the weight of exile that has plagued the twentieth century – expands into a diagnosis of disintegration, the disappearance of the world itself in the 21st century. As painful as it was, her narration is successful and courageous, and it is to be hoped that it gave the great artist and good woman Mira Furlan comfort, infused meaning, and sanctuary near the end of her life, interrupted by another whim of the world that she so capably anticipated… Boris Pavelic