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Cirkus Columbia

Directed by Danis Tanovic

Cirkus Columbia (2010) Foreign Language Film Oscar
entry: Bosnia & Herzegovina


What They Died For
Season 6, episode 16 (2010)

Alex’s mother, Danielle Rousseau (Mira Furlan), offers the visibly injured Ben a ride home. She invites him to dinner, where Rousseau tells Ben that he has become like a father to Alex since her real father’s death.

Babylon 5

Severed Dreams
Season 3, episode 10 (1996)

Delenn admits to G’kar that she knew the Shadows aided the Centauri to destroy his world.


South by Southwest
Season 6, episode 17 (2009)
Copyright by Belisarius Productions, Paramount Network Television

When a fellow agent is murdered, the NCIS team heads into the desert to locate a woman (Mira Furlan) who might hold the answer to the mystery.