Personal Appearances

Mira Furlan’s interviews and conventions she has attended.

Interview 2019

Sarajevo Film Festival Mira talks about Cirkus Columbia and more.

Cirkus Columbia (2010) Foreign Language Film Oscar
entry: Bosnia & Herzegovina

Phoenix Convention

Babylon 5 20th Anniversary Reunion at Phoenix Comicon 2013

The “In Memory” video by John E. Hudgens debuted during the Babylon 5 20th Anniversary Reunion panel remembering Michael O’Hare

Listeners will know what big fans we are here at Chin Stroker VS Punter of 90’s sci-fi epic Babylon 5. Central to this is the wonderful performance from Croatian actress Mira Furlan.

Audio Interview with Mike Chinstroker

In June 2020, Mira joined Mike for an interview about her career and her incredible life story as well as a lot of Babylon 5 talk.

Babylon Podcast #287

Tim and Summer swoon in the presence of Mira Furlan, whose regal stature on Babylon 5 made an impression to last beyond the end of time.

Mira talks about how she got into acting. how the civil unrest in the former Yugoslavia brought she and her husband to the US, how some of that political divide made its way into the story of Babylon 5 through conversations with JMS, working with Andreas Katsulas and Bruce Boxleitner, and so much more.

Recording takes a second to start.