"To Those Born Later”

Read by Mira Furlan. Written by Bertolt Brecht.

“In her paper “Poetry, Transformation, and the Column of Tears” Jane Hirshfield designates the poetry of Bertolt Brecht as our antidote to any propagandistic “language that steers, hardens, and stupefies” (Hirshfield 243). To wit: Brecht’s poetic may well lead onto sharper-minded freedoms and, for those of us who labor creatively, texts such as “To Those Born Later” (An die Nachgeborenen) not only resonate but indeed may well retune. Not only does the German poet show how “silence is no option” (Maguire), Brecht enshrines a speaking position that utters beyond the interpellations of thunderously toxic political storms.”
via KR Online


What They Died For
Season 6, episode 16 (2010)

Alex’s mother, Danielle Rousseau (Mira Furlan), offers the visibly injured Ben a ride home. She invites him to dinner, where Rousseau tells Ben that he has become like a father to Alex since her real father’s death.

"At Least"

Mira Furlan reads Raymond Carver

Raymond Carver uses extensive imagery to emphasize the meaning of the title. “At Least” elaborates the idea of finding happiness in most unexpected places and to not take things for granted.


South by Southwest
Season 6, episode 17 (2009)

When a fellow agent is murdered, the NCIS team heads into the desert to locate a woman (Mira Furlan) who might hold the answer to the mystery.