Music and Voice

As Time Goes By

"ŽELJOTEKA" - 1985. Mira Furlan uz Plesni orkestar RTV Novi Sad. Scenarista i voditelj Minja Subota. ===============
Mira Furlan with the Dance Orchestra of RTV Novi Sad. Screenwriter and host Minja Subota.

"Touch Of Your Hand"

From Trying To Forget by The Be Five. Track 9. Genre: General Jazz. by Mira Furlan.

We’re doing all those things — and more. Or less? If this is as much fun listening to as it was making it, we’re happy.
There is a proverb in my old country: “The one who sings, thinks no harm.”
There is another one, common among us country shephards: “Toot it, then tuck it in your belt.” Mira Furlan


From Songs From Movies That Have Never Been Made - Track 4 by Mira Furlan Voice and whistling by Mira, Lyrics by Mira, Written by Barbo Vellchaovski, Preformed by Deki

From the movie Two Tickets to Anywhere, a sweeping love story that takes us all over the world…

… production was stopped when half of the world refused to cooperate.

"Black Kites" - The Dream

A film released in 1996 .
Focusing on Hajric’s inner landscape, it skillfully merges reality-based content with interpretive visual material to reveal the simple, sometimes beautiful, yet brutal truth of her existence. Non-linear, dreamlike and spectral, Black Kites is a testament to artistry, imagination and the resiliency of the human psyche.

A film by Jo Andres.  Based on 1992 journals of Bosnian visual artist Alma Hajric who was forced into a basement shelter to survive the siege of Sarajevo. Black Kites is the outcome of a chance encounter between Hajric and filmmaker choreographer Andres. Features sensitive performances by Steve Buscemi, Mimi Goese and with Mira Furlan, a prominent actress from the former Yugoslavia, as the narrator.
Director: Jo Andres, Cinematographer: Lisa Rinzler Cast: Mimi Goese, Steve Buscemi, Lucian Buscemi, Lillian Keisler, Maryette Charlton Original Music: Hahn Rowe
Alma’s Voice: Mira Furlan