Welcome to my site, whoever you are. I appreciate your interest in me and my work. This site is a continuous work in progress, just like life itself. I am not a technologically inclined person but I’m learning every day. And just like you, I’m trying my best. What else can we humans do?

I hope my blog will be of interest to you. I write to make sense of the world. I hope the reader will be able to get a specific point of view through my writing. I believe we all become better human beings by exposing ourselves to another point of view. Mine has been shaped by the events in the country of my birth, Yugoslavia. The war in the early nineties broke the country apart and made me leave my life and my successful acting career in order to start from point zero in the United States. That’s why I observe the events in America with a different eye, the eye of a survivor, a survivor of cataclysmic events that broke apart a whole country and brutally extinguished too many innocent lives. The eerie resemblance of the events in my former country almost thirty years ago and America of today makes me want to scream. Instead, I write.

I sincerely hope you will be the reader of my memoir that is in the works as I’m writing these words.

I send each of you a strong and warm virtual hug, accompanied by my very best wishes. As my son’s beloved children’s book said: “We have to go through it.” 

Love to all,


Personal notes from Mira

13 June 2020

I’m proud of the people of this country who are braving a world pandemic and cordons of heavily armed police, in order to have their voices heard. This is the America I dreamed of in my youth in the former Yugoslavia. The America of Martin Luther King and Angela Davis and Malcom X and Henry David Thoreau and Joan Didion and Hunter Thompson and Prince and Steve Earle and Bob Dylan. This is the America I love.
RIP, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Freddy Gray, Tamir Rice, etc. etc.… The list is unimaginable, unacceptable, ungodly, inhumane.

So, in the words of the great Patty Smith, I say:


16 May 2020

At this time of unprecedented uncertainty I wish you all courage and a sense of humor. I hope we will get out of this stronger, more united, more humane. I hope we will understand that we need to cooperate instead of competing, that we have to appreciate our differences instead of living in fear of “the other”, that we have to respect the natural world and our fellow living beings if we want to survive on this planet. I hope that the eternal cycle of greed, hatred, lies, corruption and the indifference to the suffering of others will end and that we will appear on the other side of this catastrophe wiser and better. In fact, I do not believe we have a choice but to radically change – as individuals and as a society.